Outfit #3 - Prom!


Yesterday I was with my best friend on his prom. I decided to look classical, elegant and vampiric. So... It's my outfit!

Top: Stradivarius, 30 (??) PLN
Bolero: found in my wardrobe
Skirt: Restyle, 80 PLN (from second hand)
Jewellery: gifts from family
Shoes: I haven't photo with shoes, but yesterday I was wearing red high heels
Bag: Deichmann 40 PLN

Make up:
I used black eyeshadow from Inglot, false lashes Essence, mix of my favourite foundations (Gosh&Maybelline), bronzing pearls from Avon, any lip red gloss and... that's all! (Of course I was wearing my lovely red lenses)

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