Outfit #4 - I'm a girl! :D


I'm really tired! It was the last (I hope so...) day at the university this semester... End of exams?! It's immpossible, but yes, it happened! :D

Okay, now I'm going to read any book, drink wine and spend evening doing NOTHING. I really really need it.

(When I started this blog, I planned to publish only pictures on it and did not write. Now I know that I have logorrhea :P)

So it's time to talk about my outfit!

My clothes wasn't inspiring any concrete thing. I just wanted to look pretty. Yeah, I'm studying computer science (it's not typical faculty for woman) so I like to show: "yes, I'm a girl!" Am I narcistic? Hmm, yes, it's possible :P But a bit of narcissism help us to be happy in life. A BIT, remember ;)

 Finally, as always, I ask You: do You like this outfit?

Mini skirt: Stradivarius, 20 PLN
T-shirt: New Yorker, 39 PLN
Jacket: Stradivarius, 59 PLN
Tights: found on marketplace, 10 PLN
Shoes: Deichmann, about 120 PLN
Earrings, bag: gifts

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